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    1997 Challenger - whats it worth

    Have owned a few skis, but am thinking of a small jet boat. Found a 97 challenger, dual 800's. One of the motors is blown, and apart (says it needs a top end rebuild, and possibly crank) and the other is unkown condition. Boat and interior look to be in good shape. Comes with a 2005 trailer.

    Whats it worth, and what can I expect to pay to rebuild 1 motor ?

    Not a seadoo guy, have had a kawasaki 650sx, and now a polaris slt 780.
    I am very mechanically inclined.

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    I bought a 98 Challenger 1800 In mint shape for 5600 Just to give you an idea

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    one blown motor and one suspicious , they should give that boat to ya. it`ll take a few grand to get it square again, maybe if you got it for like 2500 or less...with trailer of course...
    lot of work involved, align both engines, prolly should change out carbon seals and check pumps etc...PR...

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    You can find rebuild or NEW engines on ebay for under $1000..

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