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    Riveted Traction Mat

    Hello! This is my first time posting anything on here as I am brand new. I am going to replace the traction mats on my 99 Sea Doo XP Limited, and I noticed the traction mats are riveted on. Do I just pop the old ones off and prep the surfaces to put the new ones down over the holes, or do I need to fill them with anything? If you can aid in the process I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I filled mine with epoxy. You could get by with silicon sealer, you just need something to plug the holes.

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    I removed mine on my 96 GSX, I filled the holes with silicone let it dry tested to see if I had any leaks and put the new Hydro Turf mats down on top.

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    Thank you guys. I will go ahead and fill them. I am not looking forward to the prep work!

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    Itís better than pulling up Yamaha glued on mats.

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    You don't have to fill them with anything. The HydroTurf mats seal all the holes.
    Just surface prep to be sure there is no oil or wax where the mats are to adhere
    Before you remove the old mats, use masking tape to mark where the mat was positioned so you can install the new mats much easier.

    I have had the Hydros on for 13 years, no lifting at all. only degridation is the Hydorturf logo on the rear mat.

    Get the pre glue ones

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    So I got the mats off, drilled out the revit heads, punched them through and notice under the mats, there seems to be factory traction spray like sand paper consistency but with paint. Definitely from the factory. Should this pose a problem when putting the new mats on top? Should they still adhere?

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    Fill the holes or water will leak thru & no the mats will adhere just fine on the rough stuff.

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    Thanks a lot, I will for sure. Anyone know where I can find OEM decal kits with all the factory decals?
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    Please take a look at my video and let me know your opinion. I wet sanded, cleaned, and removed the mats. It looks dirty underneath, but it isn't glue or anything. It looks stained. Do you think this will be fine to clean a couple more times and lay the mats over (after I fill the holes of course)?

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