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Thread: should i?

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    should i?

    well after 3 different ride plate designs (modded stockers) im going back to the r&d ride plate. after looking at the riding surface of the new plate i noticed the imperfections in the plate. like how pited the aluminum is and how rounded and dinged up the knife edges are. my question is will it be worth it to polish out the Al imperections and knife edge the edges again.

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    I sent my R&D Rideplate that came with my RPM kit to Jim and he said nothing could be done with it. I'm sure if the rideplate would have benefited from a polish and knife edge he would have done it.

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    well i have some results.last year after a bit of testing on my modded stockers i came up with the idea to powder coat them for a glass finish instead of taking the time to polish for the same finish. so yesterday i powdercoated my new r&d plate after light clean up of some major imperfections. so i took it out and gpsed.

    water 71'
    river max depth 30-35ft
    air temp 89'f
    smoothish water <1ft chop nothing bad but not glass

    last month in glass conditions same test, same setup besides it was a different r&d plate. ride plate was not powder coated and air temp was probably cooler water temp around the same. gps average with garmin and second gps was 68.1mph.

    yesterday with newly pc'd rideplate.average for both directions 68.6mph garmin gps i ran up river and down river 3 times each over a span of an hour or so. fuel was at roughly 1/3-1/2 tank.

    pulled her in and dried off the plate and filled the ride plate bolts and siliconed ride plate. let both set.

    took it back out same test. gps average 69.7 mph

    pulled her back in to check plugs in ride plate. all were still in place. took her out for a final test .

    removed rear seat and bucket and rode superman. at this point the sun was going down and the river was glass. same test.
    gps average was 70.9mph with a peak 71.4mph.

    so ive come to some conclusions.
    -something that was once again proved filled rideplate holes ARE worth 1mph or so.
    -i NEED some type of ram air mod to lower hull temps and allow more air in.
    -powder coating was worth .5mph over non pc (as seen by comparison)

    im not saying this test is 100% accurate but i tried to control all varibles i could.i understand the extra .5 mph could be found from different conditions or margin of error. but i just figuired i'd put it out there.

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    wow u got that thing flying what impeller u running?

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    right now im running a 14/21 solas im going to be going to a 13.5/21 from impros. ya im very happy with the numbers. next test im bringing along the second gps for verification. for me its been all in the details. things like pcing my ride plate, porting the manifolds,narroming and pcing my intake grate, removing casting marks and imperfections in my pump and on the vanes ect. the list goes on. last year i guess 69 was tops for a bolt on 15f even that number seemed crazy. im actually surpriuse by my results but ill take what i can.

    next time i also plan to do a full test, pics video exact recording ect. just to validate my numbers
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    them are some great #'s!!! Good job.

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    racingtrx450, What is your "custom intake" and your "custom exausth ?

    can you put some photographies please ?

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    my intake is just my interpetation of the rest of the aftermarket offering. i tested different designs toi find the best type,lenthing cone size ect. my exhaust is just basically the same thing a riva spec through hull with customs modded primary and exhaust manifold.

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    thats good stuff and great mph. Im getting ready to buy a 15f in 2 days. They seem like a great boat. I currently have a 73 mph ulta 150 and im sick of dealing with carbs. I am very fimiliar with builing high performance 4 cylinder 4 strokes. You def. seem to be the man when it comes to the 15f. I am a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to this stuff. I am going to be doing my own intake and exhaust. Have your tried anything with an aluminum exhaust piping?? Would u be able to list all of your mods or pm them to me?? How about nitrous on the 15f motor?? thanks alot and keep up the mph!

    ps- just to clarify- u powdercoated the R&D ride plate? how about your intake grate mods?? thanks again

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