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    Polaris 1050 carbs on Ultra 150

    Did anyone ever actually run these?

    In searching I see vague references and even some jetting advice to run 155 or 160 mains but no definitive "I did it, it didnt blow up" threads. Seems fairly straightforward.

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    Let me out of here......I need to go on Greenhulk!
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    Check the cylinder spacing I think its different from polaris to kawi 1200 it can be done. I have a set of cdk2 carbs from an 1100 and a junk set of cv carbs from an ultra I was going to see if parts could be swapped around to get the spacing right lost interest would like to get rid of them. Not sure about jetting.

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    I have a set of CVs off of an 1100 and the set off the ultra. I think i will put them side by side and see what the spacing is. PM me about the cdk2s, i could possibly be interested

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    So I am turning this into a some sort of CDK II onto an ultra 150 thread.

    My possible donors:
    Polaris 1050
    Polaris 1200 SLX
    ZXI 1100

    If I want to go down the Mikuni rabbit hole I do have a set of GPR I bodies on the shelf. But I am focusing on the CDKs right now. Although the GPR carbs have a VERY easily modified linkage....

    Anything I put on here will need spacing adjustment. Speed plate, connecting rail, whatever. And there is the TPS issue and whether to set it wfo or take the time to actually make it work.

    The CDKs will most likely run like dog crap with a stock Ultra intake. The crossovers will need to be plugged like going from a cdcv intake to a 900 or early 1100 intake on the zxi motor. My plan is to put plugs in the hose crossover fittings between the outboard carbs then turn some plugs for the straight through crossover and fit them tightly and run the tig torch in there and tack into place. Or drill through the crossover and red loctite a retaining screw/bolt in. Then blend the plugs in to make the everything back smooth.

    I will need to add a pulse fitting. Ideally a set of reed spacers with pulse fittings would be found for a good deal. lol. Let's just assume I will drill #1 for a fitting for the second pump on ZXI carbs.

    The brings me back to jetting the things. I don't mind running stock flame arrestors (or a drilled box like the skiworx modded CVs use). The 1200 is a little bigger than the 1100, so it will pull a little stronger signal through the carbs which makes me think the mains may be a size big, but its kind of a shot in the dark. I don't think I will be in extreme danger of burning it down with the zxi jets but wtf knows as I have googled my butt off and not found anyone else running cdks on an ultra.

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    in this thread, user Spades said he had a set running

    (last post)

    I have sent Spades a PM asking for further details.

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    yeah this isnt gonna work... lol STX 1100 carbs on the left. Ultra on the right.

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    Spades kindly responded and gave me his jetting info. I have supposedly SL 1050 carbs coming in the mail. These are supposed to be 2 jet carbs vs the 3 jet carbs other Polaris models come with. Waiting sucks.

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    So this happened. Scored on ebay. Was supposed to be part of a groupk stage 2 setup. I probably bought it from someone here or on pwctoday.

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    My Polaris carbs showed up today. Annnnd they have no high speed adjusters (I forgot Polaris carbs dont have them) Ultra clean though. Jetted with 152 mains and 75 pilots.

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    Blah. My luck ran out. Yanked the pipe to see about drilling a second pulse port. Number 1 piston has scoring on it (even though all three have perfect compression). More concerning is moisture in the lower pipe/manifold. So I gotta pull it and check it out.

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