Hi Everyone!

New owner of a 2003 Gp1300r. First off I would like to thank everyone for all the amazing info on here, saved me a bunch of headaches and helped me negotiate what I feel was a fair price for my ski. Upon purchase I checked compression on all cylinders and got 120 80 120. The previous owner mentioned having the notorious oil line issue and had cylinder #3 rebuilt at which point he put a d-plate and switched to Premix. When removing the spark plug on cylinder #2 the spark plug had been cross thread but appears to be salvageable. Thanks to all the great info here the first thing I did was order a waveeater kit and check on the power valves, the previous owner used yamasludge so definitely dirty on #1 and 3 as for #2 low and behold I had a dropped power valve, the bolt fell off the arm. This wasn't too surprising as I knew what I was walking into with this being a PV model. At this point I decided it was time to pull the heads and check all the cylinders. Cylinder #3 was definitely the best and held up with the owners story #1 and 2 had pitting on the head and slight damage to the pistons. Pulled jugs and checked all 3 cylinder walls which surprisingly all were almost perfect. The crank and rods seem to be in great condition as well, thinking they were part of the rebuild because all three rods say WSM? This is leading me to believe I just need a Top end kit. I'm thinking the piece of the valve and screw got shot out the exhaust since there are no signs of damage or wear in the jug, piston sleeve, rod or crank? I was wondering with the head which does have pitting on two of the cylinders, is it reusable? I was looking to source another but only luck is on ebay and those have pitting as well. Also with the power valves does anyone know the procedure for the oil seal rings? looks like they're leaking a bit and the top end kit I'm planning on getting comes with them. Thanks again Guys for all the useful information you've already given me and would appreciate any input or thoughts!