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    Air bubbles in the fuel line

    93' Polaris SL750
    I recently replaced my stock fuel pump with a high volume 3 outlet fuel pump. It idles fine but as soon as you give it any gas the lines fill with air bubbles and the motor bogs down and stalls. Any help will do.

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    tony, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    I'd say you're drawing air, did you replace the fuel selector valve? Replace ALL the fuel lines, including those in the tank (if applicable).
    Do you have new hose clamps or are ALL the hose clamps at least tight?
    You can by-pass the selector knob for testing but don't leave it that way.

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    Ph2, got a question......
    Why not leave the selector valve out of the equation?

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    You want a positive shutoff. In the summer when the fuel expands it can be forced thru the carbs and fill the motor with fuel. Also when you have a runaway you need to shut off the fuel.

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    Fair enough. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I haven't had either of the situations happen but it has got me regrouping. tks.

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    Make sure your hoses are connected properly on the gas tank. You didn't mix up the vent line by chance did you?

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    I had the same problem.

    Is it mounted in the same location as the original ????

    If so, mount to the lowest point in the ski.

    I mounted mine on the RH fiberglass web in front of the battery/elect box.

    Air will work itself out.

    To test this, just un-bolt lay in the bottom of ski, to see if this works.

    You can use the old pump as a template to drill the holes in the correct place.

    Good Luck

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