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    Why are some skis worse on fuel smell?

    I see a lot of folks claim there ski doesn't accumulate a fuel odor when sitting up with seats on. Then others say their skis accumulate a lot of odor when sitting up.

    How can I confirm I dont have any leaks that I need to be concerned about? Ive pulled it apart several times getting carbs tuned right and even replaced all fuel lines but I get a decent amount of fuel odor even when seats are cracked to allow some ventilation. 2001 XLT 1200

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    There are lots of things that can cause it. Are you using low permeability hose? Checked the fuel selector valve? Tank fittings? Keep in mind that when you shut off the engine, there are still fuel vapors in the crankcase that can work their way back through the carb throats into the hull. I think it's a fact of life with a 2-stroke, just make sure you pull the seat and air it out before starting.

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