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    used motor question

    I have a 4 stroke motor from an 2005 STX 12F. Motor is locked up although looks to be in good shape overall (no water penetration or thrown rods). I suspect oil pump failure although am not sure. I would like to sell it - now question: is it worth much as it now sits... or am I better served by parting it out??

    Is there much demand for these parts and pieces?



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    Only worth scrap metal price until you open it up and determine what's wrong and what's still good. You might be able to sell the complete head and other parts. Take a look!

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    Think of it this way.... sold whole, it's a big "????".
    Broken-down & sold in parts, you can at least sort-out what still has real value, and what goes to the scrap-heap.
    But before you invest your time, look-up heads, cranks, rods, cases, etc.... on fleabay to a) see if any are out there (and moving), b) how much folks get.

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