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    Stumped with GTX DI

    Working on a 2001 GTX DI for a friend. Having issues with the thing starting and staying running. Here is what I know so far.

    -no codes or maint light
    -fuel pressure with key on 27 psi, holds like its supposed to, check valve in tank working correctly
    -air compressor test good with pressure gauge, 90-95 psi before I release the pressure
    -compression test good, 130 each cylinder
    -all injectors click like they're supposed to (verified with candoo)
    -no air leaks around fuel rail or compressor body or hose
    -replaced fuel and air pressure regulators with known good

    My issue lies with fuel pressure when cranking. I can only get it up to about 45 psi when cranking. If I unplug the air injectors, it runs right up to 105-107 when cranking like its supposed to, but as soon I plug the air injectors back in and crank, it wont build any higher than 40-45. Any ideas? Does this mean the air injectors are bad? I have tried plugging only one in and I still only get 40-45 psi whether its mag or pto that I plug in. If either of them are plugged in and firing, I cant get anymore than 40-45 psi of fuel pressure.

    Thanks for whatever help you can offer. I'm losing my patience with this thing.

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    Sounds like your fuel pump is weak or the inline fuel filter is plugged. As the air pressure builds the fuel pressure must also build to compensate. Use a hose pincher on the fuel line and prime the fuel pump as you squeeze it down. The harder you squeeze off the line the fuel pressure should build. If it does...then you have a regulator issue. If not, then you need to check out the fuel filters and pump itself.

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