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    Question 2015- Seadoo Hulls, engine swap to Yamaha?

    Hello guys, I have recently scoured the forums to try to find motor swaps from Yamaha to Seadoos and couldn't come up with anything.
    Anyways, I have an opportunity to get a Seadoo RXT/RXP Hull From a local Production company and recently found great deals on Yamaha FZR and FXSHO not turbod skis that have been punch or hit from various things.
    My biggest question is with these 2015- Seadoo hulls, was there much change to engine position/ mounting AND also, would it be feasible to put a reliable Yamaha motor in a Seadoo RXT/RXP hull?
    The goal here is to get a new 2015-, reliable ski for under 5k, one that has the juice i am looking for with great flagship hull that I can pick up for cheap.

    Thank you guys!

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    Where theres a will.......theres a way. If you've never done a motor swap, or you can't fab up your own parts......don't attempt it, you'll get in waayy too deep farming stuff out. If your the type of guy than can backhalf a 1987 grand am to go rear wheel drive and shove a smallblock in'll have no problems building a Sea-ha.

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