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    Congrats to both of you.

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    man nice jobs guys, keep up the good work and keep us informed. first time racing and finshing 2nd do to a bad first turn is great and means u should be winning some in the near future.

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    Finshing that good at your first race and it being nationals is impressive. I'm sure we will be seeing his name in the top 3 this year. I'm racing novice stock supercourse this year(1st year racing). Hopefully I can make the drive out to Texas for the nationals. Like to see how I compare to you guys.

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    RA...RA...Chris He Did one hell of a job It sucks, you never expect to have to make that decision. Being in the lead isn't bad after 2 laps, But even now I catch myself looking back to see... OH SpIT My first race I missed 7 Jawz, Pro-Am 1200 R/A SS and 4-STROKE R/A SS National Supercourse Champ

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    Great job

    Yeah Chris you did well..Now we have alot of work to do and we now have 65 days and 9 sundays to get you ready to go get what you should have gotten last year. I think I will report his progress as we go..Heck maybe even some pics ..Man Im tellin you this kid has alot of heart and he wants to win ...RIGHT Chris?
    Jawz gimme a shout..need to talk at ya! 214-498-3592

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