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    Bilge pump issue and no water from water pilot

    On a 2007 Yamaha FX HO, is the electric bilge pump supposed to run constantly when engine is running or is it designed with a sensor to only turn on when water is detected?

    Im asking because Im looking at 2 of these models to buy and when cycling the starter, the electric bilge on one of them cycles on for about a minute then shuts off but the other one doesnt. Not sure which one is “normal” and not sure if it stays on while running or if it is just on initial start up.

    Also, on one of them, I idled them on trailer for about 10 minutes and no water came out of port side water pilot - the only time water came out of starboard side water pilot was if accelerated was depressed. The other ski identical to it started “pissing” within a minute. I checked the line up to the first fitting at exhaust. Any ideas?


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    The original bilge pumps ran constantly when the engine ran, and ran for 30 seconds after engine shutdown. The kne that doesn't may be an upgraded unit. I'm actually looking to upgrade my 12 FXCSHO since mine has a small water leak. My 12 also doesn't emit water thru one of the pissers while on the hose...its perfectly normal. Really not sure about the comparison of the pissers though, as mine is an SHO, and has an intercooler.

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