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Thread: Broken MFD

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    Broken MFD

    I've got a 2000 SLX with a broken MFD. I've been watching for a used one to come up for sale but the prices are ridiculous (as you know).

    My question is would it be possible to remove the MFD and just replace it with an aftermarket temp gauge and speedo? Will the ski run without the MFD? It runs fine with the broken MFD, it's just very annoying to me.

    I tried to search on this topic but didn't find anything.

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    Did you check the fuse inside the elec. box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xlint89 View Post
    Did you check the fuse inside the elec. box?
    Yes, the fuse is good. The MFD in my opinion is definitely broken. It flashes hot all the time even if ski is not running and the trim, speedo and gas gauge don't work. I also tried to reset it. But I couldn't get it to do anything other than flash at me.

    I sent a message to the company that manufactured the MFD for Polaris in hopes that they might be able to point me in the direction of a shop to repair the one I have. Here is their response:

    "We have manufactured product for Polaris, the exact gauge for your
    model water craft I'm not certain without additional information. We
    have had similar requests to your own and have had to refer these consumers back to Polaris at this time because we do not have an agreement with Polaris to repair or manufacture their products directly for consumers. I have encouraged people to contact their local Polaris representative to inquire how others have handled their repair situations.
    I wish I could be of further help at this time but must refer you back to Polaris for their guidance and support."

    I also sent a message to Polaris but got no response at all.

    I just found out that Polaris sells a 12 pin to 8 pin MFD adapter (PN 2460772). So, I may try to pick up a used 8 pin MFD and that adapter if I can't find a used 12 pin MFD. It seems the 8 pin models are easier to find used and I've read where the 12 pin model didn't hold up as well.

    But what I really want to know is if I can just bypass (remove) the MFD altogether and install an aftermarket temp guage. This would seem to me to be the cheapest solution.

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    I have thought about this same question. The mdf on my Virage works (for now) but, the other day I was riding and hit a huge wave and it went blank sending my ski into limp mode. Good thing that I was close to the dock. It came back on after about 5 minutes and everything was ok but what a pain in the arse!

    This things blow out like light bulbs so I think that someone could make a lot of money selling a conversion kit. The kit could include a tach, temp gauge, fuel level gauge, oil level gauge, and maybe even a speedo.

    In order to convert a ski over, you would have to over ride the limp mode (and I am sure someone on here knows how to do that).

    The temp sender on my Virage (your ski is probably the same) is just a switch that closes when it gets hot so converting this to a warning light and/or buzzer would be easy. Just mount the light and buzzer and connect the hot wire to the battery and the ground wire to the wire going to the temp sensor. When the sensor gets hot the switch will close lighting the light and sounding the buzzer.

    Other people on here have already found a way to use a aftermarket tach. Maybe one of them will chime in.

    The fuel level gauge could be a little harder. You would need to either find a gauge that works within the same ohm range as the oem sending unit, or find a way to mount a aftermarket sending unit.

    The oil level gauge works basically the same as the fuel gauge.

    As far as a spedo, I wouldn't know where to start.

    Let us know what you do. Good luck!

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    I have a used MFD that might work, the bottom part for numbers are beginning to fade; also you can check ebay but those sell for around 200-300. they list for 400 brand new (if you can find somewhere that still carries them or knows how to get one) This one does work for what you want, just faded at the bottom. I parted a ski for a friend on a 96 SL780 after he moved.

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