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    Mooring Share for Boat and Ski

    I may be forced at my lake summer place at some point for the FX jet ski to share a mooring with a boat. I was thinking of building what they build for ocean dock pillars. Instead of a piece of CDX plywood with bumpers mounted on one side of the plywood have bumpers mounted on both sides of the plywood. I may have to add some cleats to the boat. However in my search I found Taylor Made modular fenders (less weight). Remember this is a lake and probably the worse case is 7 or 10 days. Wonder if anybody has comments. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAB View Post
    ... thinking of building what they build for ocean dock pillars. ...
    What is that, exactly?

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    There called fender Boards. There's alot of ways to make them but the idea is the same. The ones below are PVC. I abandoned tides and pillars long ago... no fun, and thanks for the 2019 Yamaha write-up.

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