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    1995 slt 750 fuel issue

    So I have read other threads but none are exactly the same as my issue. That being said the issue I'm having is after about 30 sec of full throttle it just falls flat and will die I hold on to the throttle. But if i release it will go back to idling just fine but takes a few seconds until I am able to hit the throttle and take off without it bogging and killing the motor. My best guess so far is its fuel starvation. I am in the process of converting it to the 3 outlet fuel pump. All lines are new no gray lines. Just curious if there are any other things I should check out while I'm in the process of converting the fuel pump.

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    What fuel filter is installed? Polaris OEM or aftermarket?

    Is the fuel selector valve original?

    Have the carburetors been taken apart, cleaned internally, and reassembled using genuine Mikuni rebuild kits?

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    Fuel tank vent/vent line partially clogged or kinked?

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    OEM filter, new fuel lines, original fuel selector and I have not rebuilt the carbs yet. Haven't done them because i was told buy the guy I bought the skis from had rebuilt them but I guess that doesnt mean much. But its definitely starving itself under full throttle.

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