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    What's people's thoughts on riva stainless or housing with plastic wear ring

    I'm putting new wear ring on but what's peoples thoughts on riva stainless or the other wear rings with replaceable plastic rings

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    I've been using a replaceable plastic one for over a year with no issues - I think it depends if you ride in water with a lot of debris as that would chew the liner up real quick.
    I didn't go with stainless mainly for cost and also as I wasn't sure if it would cause a lot of galvanic corrosion with the rest of the pump since I ride in salt.
    Hope that helps!

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    i ran seadoos for years and like the plastic wear ring. when it wore out u just put a new one in and the prop was still good unless u got rocks throught it. with the stanless when it wears the prop wears.

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