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    Wave venture 1100 weak spark middle cylinder

    Hello all, purchased the ski at the end of last season. Runs great on trailer (well sounds good ). Compression is good on all 100+, but when I remove the middle spark plug wire from the plug nothing changes. It doesn’t bog down like the other two do. Also on the water it only will get to around 30 mph. The plug wire came apart at plug side. So I trimmed some back and put back together. Still very weak spark like before. Ideas ?

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    Possible weak coil , they are separate on the 63M. A complete mother to change to ..

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    I was thinking that or bad plug wire either sucks lol

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    I vote for a plugged up carb on that cylinder. Remove the flame arrestor and see if it is spraying fuel when you rev it up on the trailer. If it's not getting fuel, it won't fire. It's really hard to judge how 'strong' the spark is, and slight fouling of the plug will make it look weak.

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