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    2016 RXT-X 300 Electrical Failure

    Howdy folks. I've had my RXT-X 300 since Feb 2016. Never an issue to a fault at all. The ski has been out of the water in the garage for winter and I went yesterday to put it in the water. Threw the battery back in it and got nothing, so I assumed the 3 year old battery was bad. Went and got a new one (ETX20L, from the dealer, was stamped 2/19 so we know it's new), put it in and she's still dead as a doornail. I've checked all of the fuses, grounds, plugs. Only thing I can think of at this point is a dead ECU...any ideas otherwise?

    Suppose I'll take it to the dealer next week, it should still be under warranty. Anybody ever had an issue like this before?

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    Does the dash wake up when the start button is pushed?

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    Look at the relay in the box they get moisture and corrode internally at time .

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