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    Question 1998 XP Mid Bog Issue

    Hi all

    I have a 1998 XP 951 that has a mid range permanent Bog.

    My wife rides the ski at 4k-5k RPM (about 20 KLMS) and after about 20-30 minutes it bogs down even if she tries to hit the throttle 100%. The bog is so bad that even full throttle does nothing to recover it. You have to either back off and go flat out again or restart the ski.

    I ride the ski WOT and its fine and if I back down to 4k-5k it does the same. Kind of surges.

    I told her to ride flat out and she just stared at me

    What could this be and where would I start to TUNE this out?

    • Carbs and Engine are rebuilt.
    • Carbs have OEM setting 1 1/4 Turns Low and Mag 0 & PTO 1/4 high
    • The ski takes off fine when warmed up (could do with some fine turning)
    • The ski runs like a beast at WOT
    • The ski idles at 3000 out of water and 1500 in water
    • Motor is still new so we have oil in the tank and injection as per Seadoo;s recommendations
    • POP off on both Carbs 22-23 PSI
    • Same compression both pots
    Thanks in advance!


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    If the ski is being ridden at constant 4-5k for 20 mins like you said, it could be loading the plugs up with the added oil in fuel. You shouldnt ride a new engine at constant RPM anyways when breaking in new motor.

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    Check the water regulator on the waterbox. If that is leaking or has a broken or missing spring then that could be messing with you.

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