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Thread: EXR vs STX-15F

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    EXR vs STX-15F

    My old Kawasaki is done, the ECU went out and I'm ready to just sell it for parts and move on to something brand new. My budget leaves me with a few options, but I think I'm narrowed down to an EXR and an STX-15F. I briefly considered a Spark, but they're too chintzy and I'm not sold on anything built by Bombardier.

    My main goal is to have something reliable for my wife to ride when I'm not around. I'd like to keep it for 10 or 15 years and I dont want something that's maintenance intensive or a money pit. I'll put about 20 hours a year on whatever I buy. I have a boat, so touring or towing watersports are not important.

    The EXR seems pricey, but I like that it's closer in size to my ZXI than some of the newer machines. It's also pretty close in power to weight ratio and seems like it would be easy to toss around or jump. The bonus is that it'll fit on my 800lb lift just fine.

    The STX is a big step up in size and power, but also weight. It has been around forever and is pretty proven at this point. It looks like a much better value than the Yamaha. However, it seems like it would be less fun and I'd need a new lift.

    I looked at some used skis, primarily 1800cc Yamahas, but it seems like anything that's not beat up costs what a new STX would run.

    Really just looking for feedback from owners on what they like and what issues they've had.

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    I cant comment on the EXR. But i love my 15f. Ive had it for about 6 years and all i do is change the oil and winterize it. I have a GP1800 so this is the family or guest ski at the lake house. You can easily ride 2up and throw it around a bit if thats what your into. has a decent top speed also. IMHO its the best all around ski out there for the $$$.

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    Thanks for the feedback. My concern with the bigger machines is that they'll feel like boats.

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    I had a 15f first many years 2004-2010... really a proven machine, a little dated but very reliable with minimal maintenance. I put like 600+ hours on the one I had, I think I may have had the prop redone a couple times once due to rock ingestion and once just because it was wore out of specs.

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    The EXR will be a lot closer to what you are used to, only a lot better.

    The STX is lots heavier but also better in chop and faster. Probably more reliable only because it has fewer bells and whistles than the EXR.

    If the need for two riders is important the STX will be better suited.

    If you are considering an STX might want to look at a VX HO wit the 1.8.

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    My first ski was a 2012 STX 15F. I live on the gulf side of Florida and it was great in the river and the gulf. I put 150 hours on it in one year and not one issue. I bough it used with 13 hours on it in 2017. It was never flushed so the motor and exhaust were full of rock hard salt and sand. I pulled the engine and removed the exhaust and manifold from the engine and cleaned the best i could with dental picks. I reassembled and not one issue for 150 hours. I then traded it in for a 2018 VXR I liked that ski but missed the STX. I would recommend it the STX. It was fun and playful and plenty fast never felt heavy.

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    I'm going to the boat show in Detroit this weekend, I hope to get a good look at a bunch of machines.

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    We ended up making a deal on the EXR. My wife liked the way she fit on it better than anything else we looked at. The dealer gave us a better price than I expected, I'll be signing the paperwork this week and picking it up in May.

    Came close to making a deal on a Tige' R21, maybe in a couple years....

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    Good choice, Also the RIDE system is amazing imo, wont ride another ski without it.

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