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    15f mirror block offs

    what is the best way to attach them ? the way it looks would be to drill3 holes and attach them so the dont ever come off?

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    the way i fitted mine was to change the bolts to countersunk ones so that when you fit the plates on they are flat onto the plastic part them i siliconed them on
    they have never came off and i do alot of wave jumping

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    riva told me to use two part epoxy. I purchased it from auto part store made specifically for metals. I put it on the three hex bolt heads, pressed the block off plate on it and held it for several minutes. They seem to be on very strong. The stuff sets up in about 4 minutes.

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    thank you guys i did a little of both i used super glue on the bolts and siliconed around the edges so they should never move

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    $HIT. I should have done a search on this before I did my block offs last week! I was riding, and one of them FLEW off! I turned back, but its hard to find anything in the ocean! So, now I've got to order a new mirror plate, and block off's. I'll try the counter sink screws, with lots of silicone, and glue!

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