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    Speedster 215hp RPMs, pre and post break-in

    Getting 7600rpm on the dot right now, but saw 7800 during 2 trips but then back to 7600rpm. Hour meter just turned 3 hours, though I've got about 8 hours on the lake.

    So for you unmodified Speedster SCIC owners, what RPMs are you getting, and are you broken in yet?

    The difference between 6600rpms and 7600rpms is huge, over 10mph according to, so I'd imagine the difference between 7600 and 8200 is pretty big as well, so if you guys are getting over 8000rpms (unmodified) after breakin I want to know!


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    I started out at 7700, and it slowly worked its way up to 8000 by hour 5 on the meter. Then I started the mods. I currently run over 8100 with a Solas 13/18 at 11 hours on the meter.

    '07 Speedster 150 SCIC

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    Mine never went over 7900rpm stock, runs about 8150 with the intake and exhaust though, well for the few hours it actually ran before blowing the SC clutch.

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    7800 when new...

    8000 after 10hrs..

    8100 after custom intake..

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    So basically what everyone is saying the best I can hope for is 8K RPMS if I leave it stock? Why did I think the stock setup would do 8200RPMs?

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    You had probably heard the rev-limiter being at 8200. With factors such as air temperature, water density (salt vs fresh), altitude, etc. that affect RPMs, Sea-Doo had to play it safe and tune it to spin 7900-8000 stock. But once you have the boat and have a favorite place to ride, some of those factors become more constant, and you can tune it to spin closer to the rev limiter. There's at least a couple MPH to be gained going from 7950 to 8150rpms.

    '07 Speedster 150 SCIC

    P.S.> and your chances of "keeping it stock" after you've found this forum are nill anyway

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