You make a great point! And it’s very true.

Full disclosure. I work in strategic marketing and innovation for a very large F500 company. I am also a part time fire arms instructor and provide strategy support for a large firearms retailer for fun.

Anyway, what you said about teens is true at least in the US.

Young people are now the product of helicopter parents. Two working parents. Kids don’t play outside. They don’t explore. They generally look for organized and often expensive organized activities.

fishing is down. Hunting is down.

The PWC market has responded smartly with cheaper, smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient craft, with bright colors to attract many more young people and it has worked. Kawi has done nothing. Doing nothing is really the same as exiting a business, you just do it quietly.

Kawi owners though have one advantage. Since the models have mostly gone unchanged in the last 10 years, a 2008 and a 2018 STX are no different other than stickers and colors. This keeps resale really high.

If you own an STX which is a fun, bullet proof machine, go sit on a 2019 Seadoo. Have the dealer show up all the widgets. After the first 3 or 4 you might think “I don’t need that stuff” then after a few more you will likely change your mind.

I pick on Kawi a lot. But I do appreciate the simplistic reliance of their machines...NA models.