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    Cracked block Stx-r 1200

    Pulled the motor to see why it wasnít turning over and found a hole on the bottom of the block under cylinder #1. Only got three trips to the lake smh. I was referred to sbt by a local boat mechanic but havenít seen any good reviews on here from those guys so I was hoping to get pointed in the right direction on where to get back on the water or should I just part out the good parts I have & get a new jet ski

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    If you like the machine and can do all the work then I'd fix it. I'd personally love to have one of those. At minumum you will need block repair, crank overhaul, cylinder replating, and a new top end kit. Scroll through the pics on my Facebook page, I fixed one that was very bad like that.

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    Welcome aboard, Gearhead! Sorry to hear about your problems.

    You may be better off shopping for a running Ultra 150. I was perusing Craigslist yesterday and found several for $2000 or less. You could simply use it as is, or swap the engine into your STX-R and it would probably cost less than rebuilding what you've got.

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    You can have it put back together for 2k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    You can have it put back together for 2k.
    ^ And at least you would know what you have. Dont want to buy someone elses headache

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    If it were me I might just pull the engine and if you caught it quick enough, which it sounds like you did pull it apart and see if there is enough damage to even warrant a new motor.
    It is kind of a coincidence because I am in the middle of parting out a 97 Xi Super Sport, and another 750.
    I have a bottom crank case but it is 2 cylinder. That sucks for both of us.
    With that said parting can make you the money but the consumer is getting smarter and smarter. If you spend the time really cleaning parts up and shipping them properly you will make some money, probably more than what you paid for the ski. It all depends on quality, if you have some after market parts which people are really keen towards and of course demand.
    Hope this helped a little...
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    If the case is cracked and cylinder are no good, there isnt much money in parting it u fortunately. When these 1200s let go they warrant a full rebuild.

    Either way it's going to need a full rebuild, do not buy just bottom case since cases are line board when built. That is a bad ass ski, would hate it see one be parted since they are becoming hard to find.

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