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    C j`s 2018 FX-SVHO 19 PSI LVL 6 Tune

    Started the install of the high volume fuel pump today.
    Don`t know what was more difficult to do, the removal of the assembly out of the tank or the install of the pump inside the sending unit its self.

    The mods to the sending unit to receive the longer high volume pump it tedious, I will complete the job tomorrow but, I will not be able to reinstall till thursday. We have showers coming in the next couple of days.

    Next, install the compressor wheel next weekend.

    Then the fuel regulator

    Then the injectors.

    Last send out the ECU to Dean for level 6 tune.

    I am not going to do the valve train because I am not that experienced with a job of that difficulty. So, I will keep the RPMs under 8600.

    You all take care now.

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    Hello You All,

    As I was putting the fuel assembly back together and I noticed there is no serviceable fuel filter on this Waverunner. Are you owners of these machines know this? The only filter that I can locate is the sock filter.

    I think I am going to cut one in a K&N PF-1100

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