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    Any Compatability between Cover for SXR-800 and SXR-1500?

    Question: Any chance a cover for an SXR-800 will also fit an SXR-1500?

    Dont need to tow - just cover the standup while itís on our dock, etc. (not the kind of thing I need a $200+ OEM cover for - itíd be faded to point of ruin after one season!)

    Dayummmm. Pulliní my hair out trying to find an AFTER-MARKET cover for our 2019 Kawasaki SXR-1500 and allís Iím finding are covers for sxr-800ís

    (wth? the 1500ís have been out for 2, goiní on 3 years now...)

    I donít have access to any 800ís and trying to determine cover compatability from photos ainít real definitive ...

    Thanks in advance for any definitive answer (even if, as I suspect, it isnít the one I am hoping for, ha-ha)!

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    No way the 800 SXR cover would fit the 1500, the 1500 is way bigger in length and width. A 5 min search of pwc covers found 2 below for the 2018-19 SXR

    Here are a few for the 2018 SXR

    This one says fits, but generic pic, so i would suggest a call

    Covercraft makes one Just slect Kawasaki and 2018-19 SXR is listed
    I have had good luck with the cover crafts

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    SplishSplash - THANK YOU, VERY MUCH!!!!

    I honestly have burned some hours looking and probably would’ve burned a lot more and not discerned what you’ve found by experience.

    2/10/2019 Update: took your advice and called Empire and spoke with “Jason” who confirmed: they just take the LENGTH of their covers and match those with the spec.- length of various hulls (guess they search mfrs websites? dunno) and then, if a certain ski’s stated length will fit inside a particular cover of theirs, end to end then, that cover goes on their website as fitting that ski. REVELATIONS as to the whole CONCEPT of “STANDUP” vs “SITDOWN” kinda brought the whole conversation (at least the two-way part of it) to an abrupt end. To his credit, Jason Googled “Kawasaki SXR-1500” while we were chinnin’, brought up a photo of it and said, “Whoa, our covers won’t go over those handle bars.” (I explained the handlebars on standup skis fold down so, at least one of us benefitted from the conversation!)

    Callin’ Covercraft tomorrow, fingers crossed - thanks again!
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    Just following up to say, “Thanks! again, splishsplash; AND, update after A BUNCH o’ looking around, I went with this model cover from

    A $10 off coupon they emailed me brought the current “winter special” price down to $120 and I will try and remember to come back someday and post our impressions.

    Since we only need covers on our skis while they’re ported alongside our dock (nontrailering and they’re stored inside off seasons) we’re only concerned about protecting the hulls from (in priority): uv sunlight; pollen and dust; bird droppings; errant fisherman’s lures, etc.

    Honestly, the <$50 cover we got off Amazon last year did a fine job on the VXR but, as I mentioned in the OP, even when online vendors “say” their cover will fit an SXR *1500* , when we called and talked to em about the differences between the 800 and the 1500 hulls eventually they realize, “Hmmm, uh, yeah, our cover is definitely for the 800 series - we don’t have anything for the 2017-up 1500 series.”

    Probably just a matter of time but, the folks at guarantee their “platinum” fabric cover is every bit the quality of the oem Kawasaki cover so, time will tell!

    Thanks again!

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