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    Help me decide! 2019 Fish Pro or 2019 RXT 230 set up like the fish pro.

    Hello all.

    This will be my first PwC that I will personally own. However I am not new to the hobby. I have ridden in the past. Most of my riding will be in Long Island Sound. And the occasional trip to local lakes in Ct. I have decided on the ST3 hull.

    The new Fish Pro fits the bill for most of my wants. The boat will be used for double duty. Fishing and ripping up the waterway.

    Here is where I would like some opnions on what some of your thoughts would be. The 2019 RXT230 would only be about $750 more than the FishPro set up the same way. Ex- fish finder, cooler, gunnel guards, rod holders,ect... Would the extra HP out weigh the extended rear platform, the 2.5 extra gallons of gas? Not to mention the colors would be better that white and green.

    I have already asked the dealer if the extended rear platform could be added to the RXT230 and I was told no. Lack of access and structural support.

    Another thing. The supercharger I understand are a known problem. The new models that came out a few years ago are non-serviceable. What exactly does that mean? And from a standpoint or reliability is the 155 HP just the best choice.

    So to sum it all up. My concerns. Are really the sacrifice of rear platform extension and fuel capacity for extra HP to play.

    What are some opnions.

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    hey i also ride in Long island Sound leaving out of norwalk and occasionally hit candlewood lake. I have the GTX 230 with the new st3 hull and i love it. I got it to fish too just didn't do it too many times last year but this year want to hit up more fishing spots on the Ski. maybe we could link up one day

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    Working at a dealership in georgia, I still see no reason as to why the extended platform couldn't be pieced together ! it is still the ST3 hull, and looking at parts fiches doesn't show much difference. Just add the pieces, I would think?

    BRP claimed the same thing with the Sparks. However, from experience - when replacing a hull, it comes without the extended platform. It must be reinstalled to the new hull.

    Regarding the superchargers, We have seen a few 300 failures in the early models (~16 mainly, and 1 17...but out of the ~50 or so sold) the 230 s/c's have been remarkably under stressed. We have a few customers pushing 200 hrs now without issue. I would suggest getting the longest extended warranty possible- to be safe.

    My suggestion would be to go for the Fish Pro if you are adamant about fishing , for simplicity's sake. Once you start adding all the extras onto the gtx 230, it'll quickly get more costly! Also, the 155 is still substantially more fuel efficient.

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