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    2002 stx r 1200 skiworks stage 2 needs pistons

    Hello. We have a 2002 stxr 1200 with a skiworks stage 2 kit installed from previous owner. I need special flat top pistons to finish rebuild. Jugs redone .
    Been having a little trouble getting in touch of skiworks and i believe they may be the only ones who can provide these pistons as they did the stage 2 kit.
    Honestly need a little guidance, i have never signed onto a forum before, I'm old 52, lol and just want her running this year. Bought last year from private owner and blew top end after only a couple rides. Us chrome redid the cylinders after some of the chrome chipped off and took out the pistons.
    The ski is in beautiful shape and ran great first couple rides...

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    Took out the pistons? as in seized? You can't get the parts from him anymore I don't think
    You need to know why it broke or else it will do it again.
    I just went with OEM pistons and its run fine for many seasons. Just run 93 octane gas or better. I had a stage 2 but ditched the stinger mod as it did nothing but melt exhausts when the valve failed over and over
    Be sure all the oil lines are connected and in perfect condition.
    Was it one cylinder or all 3?
    Got any engine pic's of the old pistons, that will help determine what went wrong.
    What oil were you running?
    If there are holes drilled in the airbox, they need to be blocked, the ski will run too lean with them open and toast the top end

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    Buy a new oem piston and take it to a machine shop that is capable. Take one of the good pistons out of the motor along with you so shop can measure. Groupk also cuts pistons, call them and ask if they would do it. Check your squish those are tight.
    Did you find out cause of the failure?

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