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    Quote Originally Posted by kmaher View Post
    You can probably reuse the head without any adverse effects, too. Smooth any high spots and try it out. I had a PV issue on a prior 1300 of mine that caused some pitting on the head, and it didn't affect compression or performance at all.
    I am currently running badly damaged riva cast heads. 1 is perfect, 1 is deeply pitted and I dremeled what I could out, 1 is horribly massacred by a grenaded piston where I also dremel out a million sharp edges. I then ceramic cerakoted them as practice for my race engine build in my car, so figured it would be interested to see if that would help.

    At stock compression he can probably get away with it. I am higher compression and haven't noticed detonation on 93 octane. I am planning on going to even higher compression with the ADA kit.

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    I ended up replacing the piston, jug and the head with a shaved head. Now I’m bum paying 120 on the new piston and 150 on the others. The Pistons are the same and I’m not sure what it is. Also I keep blowing out the first two cylinder spark plug porcelain.It runs good for about 15-20 minutes, then I lose to and the porcelain is loos on the first to but not cracked. There is no piston contact. When I put 93 in it they pop a lot quicker. Any ideas? Maybe it’s a tuning issue.

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