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    2001 Yamaha SUV 1200 no spark

    After a long battle getting the pump out, I was able to crank the engine over.
    Battery fully charged.
    Have a spark tester, connected that to each plug and no spark on any plug.
    I have not checked anything yet.
    My plan is to look at the "Stop" switch and the "Kill" switch taking apart the switches from the bar.
    Anything else that anyone can suggest?
    Note that this machine has not seen water since 2009 (last registration). It ate a rock by the looks of the pump housing and definitely choked on a rope (took that off the driveshaft) the owners put it aside in 2009 and forgot about it.

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    I think you are doing all the right things my friend.

    We can only assume it WAS running and getting spark until she froze up from the damage.

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    Took off switch housing looked good but did not trace wires
    took out plugs noticed gap was small .2 regap to .63 should be .6-.8
    gounded each plug saw spark
    added a teaspoon of fuel to each cylinder
    attached cord
    pushed green "GO" button (okay start button)
    fired up removed kill cord engine stopped
    thats as far as I can go now, early flight tomorrow morning
    when I return I will
    check compression
    start the sourcing for a wear ring and maybe pump housing
    research carb rebuilding.
    all of the above is if compression is good I think it should be around 100 for an eighteen yr old ski. I'll have to see how many hours are on it.
    Disconnected the battery while I'm away.
    i think I'm winning but who knows until it's completed.

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    absolutely winning!

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    I'm gets in the way of fun. I'll be taking apart the carbs next give a good cleaning and new gaskets etc.
    once I rip into those and rebuild + drain gas I'm sure I'll get her running.
    what can possibly go wrong!?

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    do read up on these 1200 engine issues

    there are some specific things that must be modified to assure a good running engine

    go with OEM rebuild kits and Yamaha triple carb rebuild lore her on GH

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    Thanks nmpeter I'll have a read. I'm traveling so it's a good time to read up on this.

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