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    GTR 230 Electrical System 'wake up' time

    I have a 2018 gtr230 purchased new 8 months ago. When 'waking' up the electrical system with the start/stop switch and putting the dess key on the post, the display and system only stays on for approx. 15 secs. Barely enough time to set the clock or move the ibr for post ride maintenance. Manual states 60 mins, or less if the low voltage threshold (12.3v) is reached. Battery voltage sits around 13.6v post charge and drops to 12.9v when the electrical system is activated.
    Battery is regularly charged. Ski cranks, starts and runs fine. Also I noticed this relatively early on, prob just after the 10 hr service..
    Has anyone had a similar issue, or is this normal?
    Trying to get some info before calling the dealer.


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    It’s normal that the display shuts off when ski is not started or any display button pressed. As long as you keep pressing buttons to find iBr override it should not go to sleep. Once the the display goes off the iBr should stay in the same position (so not back to neutral).
    The clock you normal set once, when you connect battery if it was removed for some reason. And then only the hours for time zone. The minutes it picks up from GPS signal.

    This one hour from manual is maybe for the optional speaker kit?

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    I just purchased a new 2018 GTR-X yesterday and I noticed the same thing. I put the key in for the first time ever and tried to turn on the display so I could check it out and see all of the features. The screen only stays on for about 10 seconds and then a long loud beep comes and the battery light stays on. Not sure why it does that.

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