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    Head gasket replacement question

    Iíve got an 02 na 4tec. Does anyone have a link to a good write up or a video for replacing a blown head gasket

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    Just look on youtube for 3ftdeep productions,they give a detailed video on valve repacement that includes all you need for the head gasket.
    Thats your best bet, its a 2 part video, just skip the valve replacement parts. The rest applys to removing the head and reinstalling.

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    Thanks I’ll check it out

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    If you run into a question post it up! Getting cam timing right was the most difficult when I did it, I cut off the long end of an Allen wrench fit into a socket to get the cam bolts back in, dont re use rocker bolts, people have re used head bolts but.. meh up to you if you're not going crazy with the build, dont lose the chain when you take the cam gear off, put something thru it or zip tie it up

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    Will do, Thanks for the advice. Not 100% sure yet that it is the head gasket but I’ve got a bad feeling it is lol. I’m going to start going through it tomorrow and check it out. I’ve just been trying to read up on it and watching videos to get an idea of what I might be getting myself in to

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    02 4-tec factory service manual head removal section attached

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails HeadRemoval.pdf  

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    Awesome thanks!

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    No need to change rocker bolts/cam bolts or remove rocker assembly. Just remove head bolts in sequence. 2 small ones near cam gear as well and cam gear socket head bolts. Dont drop these into crank! Best to replace the head bolts with arp studs though. Also be sure to lock both the crankshaft and the camshaft in place before removing head. Makes it so much easier to line up cam gear.

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