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    Need Help Guys

    I took my pipes off for some preventive maintanance with the harness (cleanning and putting grease) and I tried to clean my pipes but degreaser does not do the job eve with a preassure cleaner. Any chemicals or tips hate to put thease pipes back on this stained.03 gpr silver pipes...thanks
    By the way i was thinking to mix 50% muratic acid50% water and then try preasure cleaning again.

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    Get with Abbott. He has some of the cleanest triple pipes I have seen. I think he has a process in getting them clean.

    I'm sure others do too here on the forum. there are several triple pipers here

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    I stripped mine of the OEM coating that Factory pipe puts on there. I used "Aircraft Remover" --- Blue bottle sold in every wal mart supercenter in the automotive section next to the engine enamel.

    This was what i did in preparation for painting. Once the coating is gone, the pipes are a pretty shiney silver underneith. Be sure to read the directions on this stuff and wear some rubber janitor looking gloves - it will eat your skin right off if you get it on you.

    This will take any paint off of any surface (including any stains on top of that paint)

    This is what they look like after being stripped of the Factory Pipe Enamel.

    Here they are painted green: I decided not to go this route (color)

    Here is a picture of the Aircraft Remover (Top Row to the far left--blue bottle).

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    Abbott, is that your new ski in your avatar?

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