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    JS440 super low P wheel

    Hey all I have an 81 js440 im trying to get the most out of. Its mostly stock, ported 190/138, re chambered the head to get to 120psi compression, this much exh port was 85psi static on the stock head. SBN38, port matched manifolds both sides. As it sits she does 46mph gps with the stock pipe dried waaayyy out (the hotter the more rpm for those unaware). I have a kerker shorty otw to throw on should match the porting well. Still running the stock aluminium prop with the nozzle bored way out. I just want to know if anyone knows where i can find a nice stainless prop that isn't 15+ pitch. The stock auluminium pos is a 12p from the research I've done and I would love to find a stainless prop 13p or less to replace it. I dont give a sh*t about cavitation, I just want this little 440 to rpm. Call me a a realist but, Im not in the high compression small engine dreamer camp lol!

    If anyone can hook me up with a decent stainless low pitch wheel for a 440 id really apreciate it.

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    Impros can repitch it to anything you want.

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    Progressive pitch always throws me way off, is 13/18 gonna end up biting way harder then stock? Does anyone know what a stock wheel even is exactly, theres no definitive match for an oem wheel as far as i can tell. This info seems to not exist, everyone just goes with the same set up and the other stuff no one talks about. I like the rpm range im at with the stock wheel, I dont want to bog the little guy down any more then it already is.

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