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Thread: Bahamas 2019

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    So has anyone ever tried to ride a standup from the states to the Bahama's

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    Quote Originally Posted by critter81 View Post
    So has anyone ever tried to ride a standup from the states to the Bahama's
    I've never heard of anyone... but I’ve toyed with the idea. I’d be down.

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    I think if I can get a chase boat or two I would like to try it. I have a new SXR1500. I think for sure the 4 stroke is the way to go

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    That’s not a standup, that’s a micro yacht!!

    if you’re gonna donit on a standup, do it on a stand up!! Lol

    A couch or two would be plenty in terms of support boats. I can make it across using only about 12-14 gallons and I can carry a total of 30gal quite easily.

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    how many miles is it?

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