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    Any way to tell the differance between the early & late 2006 RXT / RXT Seadoo ?

    First of all thanks for having me, been doing a lot of research but cant find an answer.

    I purchased a 2005 RXT and after having it for 20 mins in dropped a valve.

    I have found an 2006 RXP that I am looking at buying to use the head and other parts to rebuild my 2005 model.

    Is there any way to confirm that this engine in the 2006 will be the same as mine without pulling the head ?
    I know i can adapt the 2006 to work but really want them to be the same so I have part interchange if required.

    Thanks very much for the help.

    Cheers Nick

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    Manufacturer sticker with date on side of block above motor mount.

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    you'll want to look into the valves installed. there is plenty of info here on how to determine if your head has two piece or one piece valves.

    affected models often drop valves, unless meticulously winterized every year

    welcome to the hulk!

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    06 engine wont directly work, you will need to clock the encoder, very easy to do. You will need to use your oil pumps and tops setup from the 04, remove the plastic off of the end of the cam for the 06+ breather style. This work take less than 30 mins to complete. I just did an 07 engine into an 05 ski, took 30 mins to adapt it.

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    The front of the block has a date on it. The later the date should give you any idea about the valves. The 72 are the bad ones and the 75 are the better valves. The 05 has the 72. I think 12/05 and later has the better valves. Anyway the 06 will work as long as you move the coder ring 2 bolt holes.

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    First off all thank you for all the replies, I have been searching and reading quite alot.

    I was originally going to try and find another head to keep the ski going during summer but considering a full rebuild so the know the engine is good. That way if it ends up the wifes ski, I know it will be good to go.

    Thanks again, the forum has some unreal tech but as a newbie took me a bit to get used to the correct terminoligly to search for.

    Thanks again

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    The other option is to contact Slow91, and have him rebuild your 05 head probably cheaper and better than what you can do!

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    Just went through some of this with my 2004 gtx 185.
    Installed a 2006 215hp engine with 2011 gti head.

    Basically the 06 and up blocks have some differences. Personally i like the differences and worked around them.

    The heads. I managed to purchase a good head from a low hour newer gti. All the heads for the 4 tec are the same between na and supercharged. The camshafts were the only differences. You can save coin this way and swap your cam in from whichever head is best. The 05 and below used a different rocker arm oiling scheme. So if using newer head on older block i recommend removing the small regulator in the oil passages to the head located in the block. Then use the newer style rocker arm design on newer head. The newer head has one small oiling hole for the rockers. The older 05 head has several oiling holes . not all 06 heads got the updated valves. As others said look for the VERY small number on the stem under the rocker. 75 is the number you hope to see. If not swap them out.

    Flywheel. The 06 got the different camshaft sensor. This move brought on an external sensor. The sensor communicates slightly different to the 06 ecu. If you use the old style harness and ecu with the 06 engine you will have to do as others noted and reorient the reluctor wheel 127 degrees back or essentially two holes clockwise very informative thread here. ( Make sure to install some arp bolts for the flywheel while you are in there. Also you will have to use the stator pto cover from the 05 on the 06 block to use the 05 ecu and crank trigger.

    Engine block. Ok some say that you need the old oil pumps amd whatnot but i have deleted them without so much as a hiccup. Well not the oil pumps but the housings from earlier model. Now if you plan to swap the 06 engine block into the 05 you can delete the pesky oil valve and vent. The 06 has a relief vent built into the block drilled behind the counter balance. The 06 oil pumps and housings can remain on the 06 block. The 05 uses this elaborate oil stop system that is really not needed. The cam shaft gear and oil vent valve are different on the 06 block too. The plastic cover on the cam gear must be used with the plastic oil valve on the 06 block/head. You can use the vent setup and the 06 oil pump setup on the older 05 ecu.
    This is what you do. Check the BAY for russtech 336ohm water proof resistor. Then find denso female to ev1 male adapters. You will end up using these to ground the oil sensor which is one wire and simply wire the other resistor into the oil stop valve. So basically the two ev1 connectors on the front of the engine will be connected to these adapters like in my picture attached. You will get no check engine lights or codes from this. Has been used for about 40 hours on my build.

    Harness wiring ecu.
    The harness for the rxp is different then the rxt. The 06 ecu also communicates differently to the cluster. If you swap all the wiring out to avoid some of the mess you might have more work involved. It can be worth it though. You can extend the 06 harness if needed and it should also have vts for future use if desired. The 06+ ecus are easier to come by as well. This is just what you may be comfortable with.

    Other notes.
    Be wary that if the valve bounced around a lot chances are it damaged the piston and cylinder. Also it tends to stress the timing chain as well and this requires full disassembly to fix.

    So you may be better off using the 06 engine. Have new valves installed in the head or a newer head with updated valves. Install arp flywheel bolts and reorient the trigger wheel. Install the 05 pto cover on the 06. Reinstall with the bypass mods for the oil valve above and roll on. Minimal amounts of work for a good reliable engine. You can choose how crazy to go with retainers, valve springs, head studs and the like.

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