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    05 FXHO

    Got a right one here. Had an FXHO in that wouldnít start. Iíve checked everything. It tries to start but fails. New plugs and I got to started, sluggish but then it ran sweet as. Turned off, fired on the button. Then next day back to the same. Iíve checked cam timing, fuel pump, sparks, electrics, the whole nine yards. Anyone got any ideas? I canít think why it wonít start.

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    I have the same engine in an 06. By far, the most common fault in these engines is bad plugs and or the result of oil over fill. The latter causes the air filter to clog up severely with oil and literally not let the engine breathe. Often not even that noticeable at first glance. Mine wasnít. Take the filter out and try it. Just make sure the plugs are new too. Been known to fail after only a few hours.
    Other than that it will only be bad fuel.
    Worst case, check the compression.

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    if you are certain that you are getting some spark and fuel, and the timing is correct, the problem may be the ECU, which gets data from the cam position sensor and tells the spark plugs when to spark and the fuel injectors when to open. If the ECU is bad (as it was in mine) the timing between these components will be off, and will cause rough starting and running. good luck

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    Good info above too. How you get on. Worth noting although normally a great engine. The ecu can cause an injector or two to remain open or closed causing failure. The spark plugs are defo the cheap fix. Iíve even read about them failing after 5-10 hours. Oil over fill still the big one too.

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