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    Wave Venture 1100 revival from multiple storage boxes.. need help

    Hey guys Im putting a wave venture 1100 together that I have found in multiple boxes and many more pieces in a corner of a shed. Its been a fun puzzle trying to figure what bolts and parts go to where. But I never seen one completed or have a starting point to base off of and have gotten to a point that I should maybe ask some question.. I rebuilt the motor, pieced together the carbs and it put together and sitting back into the ski and before I finish putting on the carbs and rest of exhaust I'm trying to find photos or advise on routing of a few things like electronics and water line. for example where do you hook up the ground cable from battery to ski ( I know somewhere on motor but any particular spot) where do the grease fittings like the front one off the front housing and the rear one that feeds midshaft attach? Also any info on the water lines. I don't have any original to base off of to run new lines. Any info would be helpful with my winter puzzle project. thanks all in advance

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    The ground cable is attached to the bolt IIRC.

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    thanks butterbean... what do you mean by IIRC??

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparks244 View Post
    thanks butterbean... what do you mean by IIRC??
    If I Remember Correctly

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    The grease fittings attach to small stainless steel brackets that go under the head bolts. The same brackets hold on the bottom of the flame arrestor housing. Stupid design, as you have to put the engine together, then loosen the head bolts to align them with the flame arrestor.

    The cold water inlet enters the exhaust manifold on the lower left side of the engine. There is another hose that goes from the front of the manifold underneath the expansion chamber, then to the back side of the cylinder head. There is another hose that comes out the right side of the expansion chamber (over the middle spark plug), then it goes out the back of the 'Ski. Finally, the pisser hose comes off the top of the rubber sleeve on the front of the expansion chamber.

    The parts breakdown may help: http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche....b=6&c=0&d=1997 WAVE VENTURE 1100 EXHAUST SYSTEM
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    make sure when you adjust carbs the low speed and high speed. always screw them in till bottom then usually a good starting point is one full turn out on low speed and 3/4 to one on high speed. Be sure on carbs to clean the small pencil eraser size filter in each carb, also be sure to have inline fuel filter installed. If you're not familiar with watercraft carbs, they have no float bowl only an inlet line and outlet line and vacuum line for fuel pump.

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