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    PWC Riders Spread the Good Word; All Riders Arenít Bad Guys

    A jet ski ride organized by Victorian Jet Ski Club president, Jimmy Chaanine was set up in protest to the recent complaints and a petition set forth to outlaw jet skis along the Mornington Peninsula. Some bad apples are ruining the sport for safe and conscientious riders. Chaanine and his crew of over 100 jet skis were underway a little after 10am from Patterson River on Sunday the 13th of January. Their final destination was Rye and the ride went well. There were no instances of riders misbehaving. We hope the good behavior was favorably looked upon by those who protest PWC riders.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    Jeez. Even when somebody does something good like this, it seems like it's to no avail. I'm referring to the "mayor's" comments. I hope these expressions of good will make it into the minds of non-riders. It has become pretty apparent that a lot of the "hate" we experience is due to ignorance.

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