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    Sensor issue with 04 GTX LTD SC

    I am having a sensor issue with this 04 GTX LTD SC... and would like your help.

    Previous Owner told me that it tended to indicate that it was overheating from time to time. I figured... bad sensor in the water box in back. Bought a new sensor (after getting the wrong, black one)... now have correct, green one which looks like the original (which I have now thrown away, sadly).

    When I now put the DESS key on the post it does the three beeps (per normal) and then gives me a long beep and the console says "Sensor"... and then says "Check Engine".

    Is there an easy way to figure out what it is trying to tell me? Is the new sensor bad? Is it another sensor? Does it just not like me? Any help/suggestions are appreciated.



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    Press the mode Burton 5 times and should give you a code.

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