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    Help needed. Seized or not seized Yamaha suv 1200

    friend of mine bought a package deal of two ski's. One of which is a 2001 ( I think) suv 1200
    last registered in 2009 - which was my first concern so has not seen water in 9 years.
    salt water use in Long Island sound.
    good thing is it was stored in his garage so in relatively good shape.

    friend brings over ski presses start button says look you can hear the starter engaging, presses button you can see the starter trying to turn the go on the turnover.
    he left I did the following
    charge battery
    connected battery sort of and without pressing start button and cord removed starter engaged. I think this was the end of the solenoid though.
    connected battery again no click nothing
    checked battery its charged, tested start button to solenoid I have 12+ volts
    bypassed solenoid going directly to starter cable starter engages.
    ordered new solenoid coming this weekend 1/26/19

    tried the following:
    removed plugs cylinders look fine as much as a can tell.
    tried to push piston down -No go
    bottom of ski looked at impeller saw rope around shaft removed the intake grate to remove rope. Note there was not a lot of rope and at this point looked as if it did not cause binding but who know.
    while there I placed a pipe wrench on drive shaft to try and turn engine by hand plugs out - no go
    soaked cylinders with pub blaster and kroil two days repeat each day
    tried to push piston down - no go

    is trying to turn engine with drive shaft a valid test to rotate engine?
    thinking of removing impeller and drive shaft maybe that's frozen
    what else can be frozen from non use?
    is there a way to disconnect the pto? I'll know for sure then if it's the engine or pump side? I have looked through the posts and see it could be the engine, pump, or intermediate housing. I want to eliminate one by one.
    i wish I knew more of the history but that's all I know. Thanks for the help.

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    first step based on your situation would be to remove the jet pump.

    if the pump is frozen, then it would certainly keep you from turning the engine

    I'd have a good look up there with a really bright light. if there was a rope on the shaft, you might have a rock jammed in the pump

    after sitting so long the driveline needs a good service anyhow.

    wear gloves

    oh yeah, welcome aboard GH!

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    I am a former 1200 SUV owner. Engines are notoriously horrible...sorry...just being honest. That being said, I put 175 mostly trouble free hours on mine. I took once sucked up a rope.

    Just guessing....but this is what I think happened.

    Last time out, sucked in rope. Owner got frustrated and walked away.

    Pull pump and go from there. Hopefully it will turn.

    the next major issue will be the stupid carbs. Suspect it sat with bad fuel. If you ca get past both issues, it’s a neat machine and fun to ride.

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    Thanks for both responses.
    thanks for the welcome nmpeter and advice. You and WaterDR said the same thing and I might as well start from the back and move forward.

    As I said who knows what happened and as WaterDR stated the last time out it chocked on a rope and that was it. The intake grate was off before since there was a broken bolt.
    so I'll yank the pump out. It doesn't look too hard to do as long as bolts don't break what can possibly go wrong.
    cleaning carbs will be the next step, when, and I will, get the engine to turn.
    Once the pump is out I'll try to hand crank using the intermediate shaft aft of the pto

    Thanks everyone I'll post updates

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    Subscribed... I'm putting my "poker bet" on it being the pump as well - specifically swollen/blistered housing ring binding the impeller.

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    I hope all of you are correct. I'm hoping to pull it apart this weekend. I'll take pics as well just so we can learn something. I have to do this this week since I'm traveling for two weeks and I'd be going nuts thinking about this.

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    Got the four bolts off and the nozzle the next part is on there though brother!!! I'm trying to figure out how to get that off. I read how in the forums but it's not that easy. It was getting cold as well so will regroup tomorrow. I have to take the transom plate off anyway, my friend was going to take off the impeller housing but broke a bolt. I thought well, some heat and let's just pull the other three and be done with it. First bolt after heating came out next one broke so I have one left to go. I say that transom plate has to come off so I can easily drill and easy out the broken bolts. I'm also thinking that I can unbolt the transom plate and the entire jet drive will come out. Looks that way anyway. If anyone knows let me know. More tomorrow.

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    Removing the transom plate won't work as there are tabs on the transom plate. To get the plate off you have to have the impeller/pump out. I got the upper left corner to separate a very tiny amount only notice it because my pry tool can fit in but not a lot of room up there. Bottom pry tab broke. I'm almost there if I can just figure out a way to yank it off. I saw someone ties it to a tree but that seems extreme. Ther has to be a tool out there somewhere.

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    Remove the ride plate and hit the nozzle with a leather mallet or dead blow hammer. It will move then.

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    Donít do that

    Get the pump off

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