2013 FZS SHO
Scoop grate
Pump seal kit
Jerry's ultimate air intake (awesome!)
Ribbon delete
13/22 (155mm)

Not looking to upgrade perf further. I know the IC is garbage etc. I'd rather put serious money at a new ski. The goal is to ensure safer temps and delay heat soak a bit. Since the minor upgrades I've made she seems to run quite a bit warmer. I ride in the Midwest.

Looking to improve cooling w/o tearing the ski apart. I get that dedicated hoses are best but with this level of mod it seems like overkill. Boring out the plastic X connecter seems silly too, may as well go all the way for that effort.

Worx makes a high(er) flow strainer for SHO models and I was wondering if that might be a simple improvement to feed more into the stock hoses and fittings: https://www.4-tecperformance.com/ind...oducts_id=5967

Can always add a line, drill holes and tear shit up from there via this kit: https://www.4-tecperformance.com/ind...oducts_id=3601

Has anyone tested this? Does my logic make sense or am I dreaming that this will have any effect?