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    Possible vx1100 and STX15F Purchase

    I posted this on a different forum and was told this the place to be for anything PWC related, so here I am!

    I've been passively searching for a PWC over the past couple years and found a deal 10 minutes from me that has peaked my interest. I'm confident in my boat buying experience, but this would be my first for PWC. Did a visual inspection today and they seem pretty solid to me. Far from perfect, some scuffs here and there, but nothing earth shattering for machines that are 10+ years old.

    Here are the details
    1 - 2004/2005 Yamaha VX-1100 with about 800 hours.
    1 - 2008 Kawasaki STX-15F with about 25 hours. 2008
    1 - Double PWC trailer. Older but seems fine.

    The Yamaha was a rental machine years back which worries me a bit but it apparently runs well. The Kawasaki has super low hours, some corrosion around the motor, but not terrible. I'll do the standard compression test and run the motors, but won't have the ability to get them on the water for a water test.

    A 2008 with only 25 hours is a red flag to me and the other has 800 hours. So I'm guessing, regardless of the results of these tests, both motors/pumps will need to be rebuilt in the near future. Is that a fair assumption? My max is $4,500 and TBO I'd like to be below that number.

    In the experts opinions, are these a money pit that I will most likely regret? What's a fair price for both parties assuming the motors check out okay?

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    Well, I certainly don't claim to be an expert, but I'll give you my 2 cents anyway.

    I think the Yamaha you're talking about is actually the VX-110. Yes, 800 hours is relatively higher than average, but I've heard of people getting almost twice that time on those engines. I'd be more concerned about hidden damage to the hull. I would really like to see it in the water to make sure it didn't take on water.

    The STX-15F is a proven and popular design. Yes, I would probably prefer to see more hours on it, but sometimes life gets in the way of people with the best of intentions. People buy these things planning to use them, then they get married, divorced, have kids, lose jobs, have accidents, develop medical conditions, lakes dry up. I just bought a 2004 STX-15F with 61 hours on it. I cranked it for a couple of seconds to make sure it wasn't seized, but I didn't really try to start it. I looked inside the fuel tank with an inspection camera and was shocked at what I found--brown goo that resembles liquid gasket sealer. I'm going to have to flush that stuff out before I go any farther. Not really sure if it will work, but I'm going to try to mix gasoline with it, then drain it out and try again. Rinse, repeat until the tank seems clear.

    I would recommend that you check out the fuel system on the STX thoroughly before trying to run it.

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    Agree with Steve45, here's my 3 cents worth.......wouldn't be too worried about the 800 hours either, I've worked on those engines that have done triple that. A well looked after ski with higher hours will often be better than a neglected low hours ski.
    I have however repaired a couple of stx skis, they a are good solid platform, one thing to closely monitor is the shaft bearing, they are known to fail due to water intrusion.
    best of luck with your purchase

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