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    Which diagnostic tool to buy?

    Hi, we have a 2018 GTX Ltd 300, and from this year I want to do the maintenance myself on this ski (due to challenges transporting it to the dealer). The main feature I need is the “service message removal”, but if possible it would have been nice to remove the GPS controlled speed limiter (I’m living in Europe, so our GTX should be the International version). In addition we have a bow rider with a Yamaha F115 outboard engine, which I also do the service on myself. If possible it would have been great to reset the service message on the Yamaha outboard engine as well.

    I’ve looked at both the Candoo Pro and the Maptuner X web pages, but I’m not quite sure if I get the full option features and limitations for these two tools:

    Candoo Pro (
    + Service reset (but do I need additional license purchase?)
    + Work on both SeaDoo and Yamaha (but does it work on the 2018 GTX?)
    - Not possible to remove GPS speed limiter (or?)

    Maptuner X (
    + Possible to remove GPS speed limiter (or will this require extra license purchase?)
    + Service reset (unlimited number of times?)
    - Not able to handle the Yamaha outboard engine (or ?)

    Any comments and recommendations are highly appreciated!

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    go with the candoo, until its time to do some ecu tunes, then its maptuner.

    maptuner has charges for everything you can possibly do, including the reset of service messages.

    the candoo should handle your yamaha outboard. Check to see what the latest roms are available for yam. There will be charges

    home license for seadoo ( 4 skis total) runs around $400 US, a yamaha outboard upgrade could cost the same.

    Maptuner is pretty slick tool for me. Everybody around my area wants upgrades, especially the spark crowd

    candoo requires a PC laptp, maptuner is fully stand alone.

    Factor in the cost of a good PC and perhaps you'll buy the maptuner tools for key making and service items.

    get out the spreadsheet if cost is your primary concern.

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    Thanks nmpeter, I’ve had a brief chat with Jeff at Candoo, and it might be that a Candoo Pro combo package might be what I need (works with both the outboard and the GTX), except it doesn’t include the possibility to remove the GPS speed limiter...

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    if I am not mistaken, you need a hardware solution to disable that 'feature"

    check the forum store or riva racing for the bit required.

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