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    Water in ultra 150

    I have a 2000 ultra 150 with 201 hours on it, got a new top end @ 182 hours. I took it to the ocean recently and it had a leak at idle and while sitting and it was the drain plug, but now that Iím back home at the lake it has another leak. All of the hoses are fresh and not leaking, the through hull isnít leaking and the drain plugs werenít. It would only take on water at low speed, but sitting with the engine off is fine, high speed is fine but low speeds are not. I rode with the seat off and there werenít any visible leaks from the usual places, driveshaft holder was good, strained, cooling lines etc. Any ideas on what it could be? Thanks!!

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    inspect the water log manifold that feeds the 3 cylinders, a common leak point that isnt visible, youd have to feel for the leak

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    Bottom side of the expansion chamber in the exhaust system is prone to developing pin holes.

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