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    2004 gti rfi loosing power and cuts off

    I just rebuilt the top end and took it out for a test run. It started up and run great a little high on idle 2500 in the water but cold water. So after getting passed no wake zone a little time to warm up I got on the gas and it took off and run great for about 2-3 min. than it stalled out. It started back up but engine turned over slow like it was hydro locked. I let it run at idle speed for a min then it took off and same thing cut off also the info gauge went blank. I got back to the dock took the seat off and it wasnít hot at all. Batt was 13volt when started and charging at 14.5. Could this be just a fuel issue but why is it turning over hard. The oil injection is working there is smoke coming out.

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    Clean injectors, check vent line for gas tank.

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    Engine was seizing on the intake and exhaust side of piston. I’m not sure what caused this but money down the drain.

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    What pistons did you use & what clearance did they get set to ??

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    It's called a cold seizure. When the water you're riding in is really cold, the cold water doesn't allow the cylinders to heat up and expand at the same rate as the pistons. It sometimes happens with normal water temps if you don't allow the engine to warm up completely before running it hard, especially with a new rebuild and the rings haven't had time to seat in properly.

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