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    2014 VXR leaks - continued 🤐🤐🤐

    Still leaks,

    With the flush hose back on and normal riding, no water getting in.

    Jumping waves some water gets in, no where near as much as before but 1.5hr riding = 100mm or 4" of water in hull maybe a bit less.

    Had a look at another ski, it has a rubber mat to stop water rushing in the back when landing, mines gone.

    Did the fill the hull test and water is coming out slowly from between the large aluminium plate that sits under the jet nozzle on the right hand side and a pressed stainless steel plate and the hull. It could be comming from an opening on the rhs where there is a factory star pattern cut into the membrane (exhaust?) and dribbling down. I had just run the motor and it could be draining out but with the hull empty it stopped. That could have just been a coincidence ? 1 minute = 110 drops.

    I am thinking the water is being forced up when I land back end first (I try to land that way because it's softer and I have a dodgy back) maybe it goes back up inside the wrong way because the seal is missing and this reversed pressure blew the hose off originally. Now the hose is back on and tight it has found another weak spot.

    Is there a seal under the aluminium plate between it (trim plate ?) and the hull that could let water push past under pressure ? If you dived the last picture into 4 x 1/4's the join I'm talking about is at the top of the 4th 1/4.

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    Members do take that rubber flap off because it makes cleaning, especially riding in salt water, much better. That in itself shouldn't cause a problem. That star pattern rubber over the hole is your exhaust outlet. Yes water does come out there because water is mixed in with the exhaust while the engine is running. After engine stop, there is some water left in the muffler and exhaust hoses and some of that will drain out. The exhaust outlet has never leaked on mine but I guess it could happen. The more probable spot for a leak is the ride plate mounting inserts. That large plate, you mention, is the ride plate. There is no gasket between the ride plate, stainless steel support plates to hull. All the sealing is done on the inside of the hull from the hull to ride plate inserts. These were known to leak after time but I'd do the leak test again to be sure. I used aftermarket inserts on mine and resealed but aftermarket inserts are hard to find now because of the ski's age and not absolutely essential. If the right ride plate insert is leaking, I'd do both sides. Pull the muffler and hoses out. You'll see the inserts. Remove the ride plate. Remove the inserts and check threads for corrosion and clean or replace if needed. Clean the hull insert area well by sanding and removing all previous sealant then wipe off with acetone. Use 3M 5200 sealant to reseal and be generous with it. Place in both inserts, remount the ride plate, and use blue loctite on the bolts and properly torqued. If you do a search, Jerry has pictures of when he had a 2011 VXR. It shows the ride plate inserts.

    You may want to get a service manual if you're doing your own work. Jerry has them on his online store.
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    Jumping and landing aft-first is just going to be punishing on the ski no matter what - it is what it is. The shape of the pump void is like an inverted cup slapping down onto the surface, can often send a high psi shockwave up into the exhaust system. A loose exhaust hose clamp can easily 'burp' water into the hull, and worst-case pop/break the exhaust hose completely off and risk stalling & sinking in minutes (stalls due to exhaust now venting inside the hull).

    If jumping is your thing (not judging) you need to be extra-mindful of these vulnerable areas, fortify them, mod if necessary for extra peace-o-mind, and religiously inspect often. It's no different than if you were a racer, pushing the limits - mitigate what is at stake.

    Finally, VXR's don't have electric bilge pumps. Consider getting a beefy one installed. Remember, the only purging system on that ski is the strainer/syphon system, and that only works when jet-propulsion is working.

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