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    Yamaha FX cruiser towing. Need a valve ?


    With previous skis I occasionally towed them with the boat for a weekend away. Not really at any pace, but fast enough to risk water coming in through exhaust and into cylinders because of the lack of back pressure from a non running engine. The seadoo in particular. Since then I have fitted a tow valve on the intake line to stop water finding its way up. The GP800r was the most recent to have it.
    Now having the FXHO, presuming it will also need one ?
    Any of the members have any thoughts or do the same ?


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    Yep.... Definately put one in..... Not worth risking it without....... Water will find it's way in if towing at a decent speed.

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    Ok. Thought as much. Cheers for the reply. Not sure Iíll be towing it as much as I used to with the wee GP800r. Itís a big lump of a ski. Might be as well towing the boat with the FX, haha.

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