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    Is this a fair trade?

    I have a 2016 VX Cruiser HO and a 2017 VX Limited. Want to go down to one machine. Hours are less than 40 on each. Great condition.

    i have worked a trade on a new 2019 FX SVHO. Straight out of pocket. We are even trading trailers. They get my two up...I get a brand new Triton.

    Sure...I can do better selling on my own....but I thought this was a pretty reasonable deal.

    am I nuts?

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    Doesn’t seem that out of line to me. I’m not sure though

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    I don't feel like it too crazy considering used PWC's value and the retail on the new ones.

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    I,am looking at going back to one ski in the future also as my wife does not want to or may not be able to ride anymore. That trade would give you about $8000.00 for each ski and trailer and you don,t have the pain of selling them yourself, not a bad deal and I,am sure you have other things to do them being in watercraft sales. You may have a hard time wiping the smile off your face with that new larger machine. You could also just sell one of yours and do something else with extra money as you do have two very nice waverunners now. Best of luck my friend.

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    That appears to be a reasonable deal such as you could expect from a dealer. If it makes you happy, go for it and don't look back! Me, I'm a little more of a bargain hunter. I would sell the old skis and buy new, but you already mentioned that.

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