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    2014 VXR leaks at back of grate = bearing housing ? Test....DIY fix ?

    I have a 2014 VXR filling up with water. If I fill it with water when on the trailer the water comes out at the back of the grate where the two bolts are. It comes out at about a cup full every 15 seconds.

    Dealer tells me it is the bearing housing and is expensive to fix.

    Does anyone have thoughts on what else it might be and how do I check.

    Can I DIY this ?


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    The IB is a likely candidate, but you really need additional testing/observation. Repeat the driveway leak-test, but with a slower rate of fill-up, & get up underneath (safely) and look up into the intake grate as water just begins to start coming out --> is it coming out from the hole where the shaft penetrates the hull tunnel?

    I'll stop-short of commenting on IB repair/rebuild procedure until you can exactly identify the source.

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    The two rear bolts of the intake grate thread in to the transom mount so there won't be a leak from those threaded holes. I chased a leak in my 2013 VXR and it takes a little time and testing to find the exact location/problem. Raise the front of the ski to a 20' to 25' angle if you can. Fill it slowly with water as TimeBandit mentioned while you're underneath watching for the first sign of water leaking. This should show other possible leaking spots first because the bearing is a little higher. Did you check the hose from the bearing to hull? You'll get the same symptoms as if the bearing seals are gone with water leaking as TimeBandit advised.

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    Thanks guys, I found the problem, feeling more than a bit stupid, but that's not new ground for me.

    I did what you suggested and no water coming down the shaft, started looking around. When looking up the jet, there is a little grate on the left side with about 15 or 20 little 2.5mm holes and the water was pouring out of this. It goes into a rectangular box that is sealed to the housing with, I assume an internal pathway to a hose somewhere in the boat.

    I started looking around for hoses that might feed this expecting to find a split hose or a busted fitting and found the water hose that runs up to the flush valve was not connected. The outer sheath was over the connection making it look connected. The clamp is not in the boat.

    Anyway, I just had it serviced and the dealer is sending me the clamps, engine oil, and an air cleaner free of charge and I volunteered to fit them.

    Again thanks for your help, much appreciated

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    If the flush hose was off you must have been really flooding the hull

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    That grate is where all your cooling water for the engine enters from with the thrust made by the impeller. The flush hose is connected to this main line. That would have been a big leak when riding. It's always good to check all your hoses, clamp tightness, and replace clamps if needed.

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    I was surprised by that too. Maybe the self bailer works really well or maybe the hose wasn't all the way off until I started pulling on hoses.

    I will do some searching on fitting automatic bilge pumps.

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    Took it out today for an hour, to much chop to be lots of fun but no problems, all sorted.


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    Congrats, glad to hear you got that fixed easily!

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